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Hard Wax- Larene Brazilian, Underarm , face Honey Hard Wax economic package 1kg

Hard Wax- Larene Brazilian, Underarm , face Honey Hard Wax economic package 1kg

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La description

  • Designed for extreme bikini, underarm and face waxing
  • For Short, Thick-Coarse Hairs.
  • Super economic size 1KG
  • No Paper Strips Needed! (Stripless formula).
  • Made with skin soothing, anti-inflammatory plant-based formula

How to apply the hard wax?

Step 1
Exfoliate the skin you want to wax one day prior to waxing, using an body exfoliating bar. This will help the wax to adhere properly. Don’t use lotion the day you are planning to wax.

Step 2
Heat the hard wax in a wax warmer, the temperature of the wax should be between 125- and 140-degrees Fahrenheit. Use a heat-proof thermometer to get the wax to the appropriate temperature. Not too liqud texture, be careful not to burn yourself

Step 3
Spread the wax onto the unwanted hair using a wood spatula.

Apply the wax first in the direction the hair is growing, then go back over it in the opposite direction. The layer of wax on your skin should be about the thickness of a nickel. Make the area at the end of the layer of wax a bit thicker so it’s easier to pull off.

Step 4
Wait about two minutes for the wax to set. The wax is shiny when it is first applied. Once it becomes opaque and you can leave a fingerprint on it, it’s ready to be removed.

Step 5
Press down on the skin next to the wax with your non-dominant hand. Lift the end of the wax off your skin using your dominant hand's thumb and forefinger. Pull the wax off in one quick motion in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Press down on the freshly waxed area to help with the pain. Repeat this process on the other areas of skin that you want to remove hair. Avoid waxing the same area more than twice, as this can lead to skin irritation.

Step 6
Wipe the skin with a cotton ball soaked in baby oil to remove extra wax.


Apply post- waxing ingrow hair complex essential oil for control and minimize the ingrow hair.