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Must-Try Mineral Sunscreens You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

By now, you are well-aware that sunscreen is important. And if you aren’t, consider this yet anotherfriendly reminder that you should be wearing it every day from head-to-toe through all seasons. That includes those dark and gloomy winters when the sun tends to hide and trigger the seasonal depression many of us fall victim to. Beyond simply remembering to slather on the SPF, deciding on the type of sunscreen you’ll use is also essential. For many, mineral sunscreen is the clear winner.

Generally speaking, there are two types of SPF that most products fall into: chemical and mineral. The biggest difference between the two is how they interact with the skin. Chemical sunscreens literally infiltrate the skin upon application, fully absorbing under the skin (and in some cases, to the bloodstream) where it then provides protection. For a while, it was believed that this was totally fine….that is until the ingredients used most were also found to be harmful and even cause infection.

In response to an obvious roadblock to people getting ample protection and the growing interest in clean beauty, mineral sunscreen has become the SPF du jour for most. Unlike its chemical counterparts, mineral formulas use natural ingredients that sit on top of the skin and reflect UV rays away from the skin instead of absorbing them. They’re so popular in fact, that beauty junkies like me reference the EWG’s sunscreen list every year for the latest and greatest options.

Ultimately, your choice comes down to personal preference. However, if you’d rather not gamble with even the smallest possibility of a chemical formula leaving you with a mysterious rash or excessive dryness, here are some underrated mineral ones that aren’t made by the big drugstore brands you’re already familiar with.

Nelly De Vuyst Transparent Mineral Sunscreen

A non-greasy, full-coverage texture made completely of titanium and zinc oxide.

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