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Vagheggi Emozioni Line - Tonic dew 200ml

Vagheggi Emozioni Line - Tonic dew 200ml

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La description

Fresh dew to soothe reddened or itchy skin. Essential for complete cleansing or for any time you need more hydration. Ideal for removing the limescale residues of drinking water. It can be sprayed on several times a day, even on top of make-up. 

200 ml bottle

A specific line for reactive, sensitive and/or intolerant skin with reduced defences and tolerability levels. The skin is susceptible to irritations and allergies; it presents reddening, rashes, blemishes, flaking and in some cases may even crack. The most typical consequences are loss of elasticity and softness, early ageing and the appearance of rashes and even rosacea. Over 70% of the female population between the ages of 18 and 65 suffers from sensitive, irritable and intolerant skin problems. The cause is often genetic, but can also be the consequence of various internal and external factors (aggression caused by the environment and lifestyle). Emozioni is the perfect line for these skin types. Made of high performance active ingredients that protect the capillary vessels, have a regenerating effect on cutaneous tissues, prevent redness and irritations as well as enhance the protection against UV rays and free radicals. Ideal to re-establish and maintain the balance of the superficial hydrolipidic film of the skin.